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Hua Hin Weather | Hua Hin weather and travel seasons

Typically, when Americans think of the seasons, they think of Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. While that may be the case for much of the United States, things are a bit different in Thailand. The Hua Hin weather is a lot steadier than what you would typically find. That's what makes it so tropical and lovely; the perfect vacation destination. There are some differences when it comes to Hua Hin weather, though. There are times in the year when the weather is hot, when it's cool, and when it's rainy. You should learn about these 'seasons' so that you know exactly when to take your vacation.

Hot Season in Hua Hin

There is a time of the year when Hua Hin weather is really hot. This is generally goes on from March to June. Both the days and nights are particularly hot. If you like really warm weather, than you will enjoy Hua Hin this time of year. Expect temperatures at around 29 degrees Celsius or about 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Also keep in mind that the Hua Hin weather is very humid this time of year, so it makes it feel even hotter.

Cool Season in Hua Hin

The cool time of year for Hua Hin weather is still a lot warmer than you may find in the United States. This usually happens from November to February. The best thing about the cool season is that the waves are a lot higher. This is perfect for people who love to surf. Expect cooler nights and more enjoyable days with this kind of Hua Hin weather. Temperatures are usually around 26 degrees Celsius or about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. There is also a lot less humidity this time of year.

Rainy Season in Hua Hin

Since the area is largely tropical, there is a time Hua Hin weather that is very rainy. If you want to experience what it is like in a climate like this, then go on your vacation from July to October. The rain showers are a bit different than you would expect. They happen every few days and can last for only twenty minutes at a time. It is still very plausible to have a great and rewarding vacation in this time.

There is a range of great Hua Hin weather to enjoy when you visit this city. For those planning a beach trip, be sure you head for the Hua Hin weather that is appropriate for it. Hua Hin weather is rather predictable. You can even find out what type of Hua Hin weather is happening right now by using the web as a guide to finding out. Chances are good that Hua Hin weather will be enjoyable during your trip!

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008