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Experiencing Hua Hin Cuisine

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As one would expect, Hua Hin cuisine abounds in many of the restaurants. At the same time, you will find food from all around the world. Hua Hin cuisine typically consists of Thai and seafood, but other selections are available as well. Fresh seafood is delivered daily from the Hua Hin Fishing Pier and Khao Takiab Fishing Village.

Fresh fish is part of the Hua Hin cuisine, but you will find other cuisines in the city as well. Thai cuisine is naturally part of the Hua Hin cuisine, but you will also find Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Fresh, and European. For those who are not interested in the Hua Hin cuisine, this gives them a wide variety of cuisines from which to choose.

Hua Hin Hotels

Hua Hin cuisine in the hotels is varied, as one would expect. Most of the hotels have more than one restaurant, and they typically have Thai cuisine in one and another type of cuisine in the others. Some visitors are averse to the Hua Hin cuisine, so having more than one cuisine available assures that everyone is happy.

Bars and Pubs

Hua Hin cuisine abounds in many of the bars and pubs. The selections range from the typical spicy Thai food to exotic dishes such as snake. For those not so inclined to try the Hua Hin cuisine of the exotic variety, the pub food is good and offers a variety of dishes and snacks that are not quite so exotic yet still Hua Hin cuisine.

Other Cuisines

If you're not a fan of Hua Hin cuisine or just want something different, you will find American food like steak, and Italian food consisting of pizza and other dishes as well. When you travel, you typically partake of the cuisine of the place you visit-in this case Hua Hin cuisine. On the other hand, there is a cultural difference and advantage to trying all of the different cuisines Hua Hin offers. Even if you aren't a fan of spicy food, you want to try some of the milder dishes from among the Hua Hin cuisine selections.

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008