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Hua Hin Restaurants | Traditional Thai Hua Hin Cooking

One of the main things that make Thailand so famous is their food. People come from all over the world to eat their spicy concoctions. If you are planning a trip to this awesome tropical nation, then you will likely want to the authentic Hua Hin cooking. It is very special and very particular to this region of the world. Although there are Thai restaurants in places like America and Great Britain, that food pales in comparison to what you can get in the country in which the food originates.

What Makes Cooking Special

The best way to describe most Hua Hin cooking is with one word: spicy. They use a lot of spices and herbs to produce such an extreme reaction from the people who are eating it. You should be warned, though. Hua Hin cooking can be much spicier than you would expect. The people of Thailand are used to such heat, but people from western countries are not. Be prepared for what you are about to eat.

Red curry is a big dish in Hua Hin cooking and cuisine. It is a spicy soup that pairs curry spice and coconut milk. It usually has a wide variety of vegetables as well as a meat such as chicken. Another popular dish is the Phat Thai or Pad Thai as it's known in America. This is a spicy, sweet noodle dish with lots of vegetables and meat. These are great Hua Hin cooking dishes that you should definitely try during your vacation.

The Best Restaurants for Hua Hin Cusine

To effectively sample and try authentic Thai Hua Hin cooking, you should visit some of the many restaurants that speckle this tropical beach town. The Chao Lay restaurant has great Thai food that you will enjoy. This way, you can sample what this culture loves to eat and get a better familiarity for this kind of food. Another great restaurant is the Chom Talay beach restaurant. Not only will you be dining on great Hua Hin cooking, but you will also have a fantastic view of the Gulf of Thailand. Eating Hua Hin cooking will be an experience you definitely will not forget.

Hua Hin cooking is perhaps the most traditional when you enter into the homes of those that live here. If you want to experience traditional Hua Hin cooking at its very best, get to know the locals and find out if they will invite you for a meal. Most will find both traditional and more modern Hua Hin cooking available throughout the city.

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008