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Like all holiday destinations around the world, Thailand offers a variety of accommodations to suit the needs and desires of domestic and international guests, but for some of the most comfortable, private getaways with the greatest number of amenities, it may be worthwhile to consider Hua Hin villas, available in several of the area resorts.

Why choose Hua Hin villas over condos, apartments, or standard hotel rooms? Hua Hin villas offer greater privacy, are often more customized and comfortable, and have more amenities than other rooms. Plus, Hua Hin villas still provide full service staff that epitomizes the hospitality of the Thai people, unlike an apartment where you have to fend for yourself. Staying in Hua Hin villas often places you right on the beautiful beach as well or surrounds you in lush green tropical foliage that is relaxing and enjoyable.

No two Hua Hin villas are the same, and many facilities, while similar, strive to make their Hua Hin villas unique so that guests will choose their facilities. There are two specific reasons that individuals use such facilities. First, the seclusion of the area around most Hua Hin villas offers the utmost in privacy. A number of these rooms have private balconies or terraces, many of which are furnished with either a tea table and chairs, wooden sun beds, hammocks, or a combination thereof. Some of these large and spacious Hua Hin villas also offer private access to perfectly landscaped tropical gardens or private docks that lead out to a lake or garden. Most Hua Hin villas also have incredible views of the beach, whether on the Gulf of Thailand or the Gulf of Siam. These many amenities are coupled with the best in provisions internal to the rooms.

That is the second reason that so many individuals choose to stay in Hua Hin villas - the furnishings and available comforts and provisions in the rooms. It's typical to find Hua Hin villas with brilliant 180-degree sea views through panoramic windows, and some have glass roofs in the individual bathrooms that are included in the villas as a perk of the location. You can also expect most of the Hua Hin villas to have such comforts as individual air conditioning units and individual restrooms with running hot water, something that is not a standard in many foreign countries. The showers are roomy, and many Hua Hin villas have restrooms with a glass ceiling to bring guests back to nature.

When you consider the roomy atmosphere and traditional Thai design and architecture that makes the rooms so relaxing, as well as the fact that the roomy interior is conducive to housing entire families and groups of friends, added to the privacy afforded by these locations, Hua Hin villas are quite popular and often in high demand. Of course, the additional amenities are frequently a cause for a higher charge by the hotel facilities, but it is entirely worth the cost for many visitors to Hua Hin villas. It's an amazing and awe-inspiring opportunity to stay in a fabulous quiet and protected environment.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008