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While the accommodations at the standard resorts are nice and private, you may opt to stay in Hua Hin apartments, especially if you plan to stay for a while on business or on sabbatical. Hua Hin apartments can offer you all the comforts of home in an environment that allows you to relax and build back up from your busy lifestyle with a slow paced revitalizing atmosphere.

By choosing to stay in Hua Hin apartments, you are going to save a lot of money on resorts, and you'll be right in the midst of the tourist area, with a prime location that offers you access to everything within walking or biking distance. Choosing to live in Hua Hin apartments for a while can really add vigor back into your soul.

Many people choose to go on extended vacations, and choosing to stay in Hua Hin apartments can save money over the cost of staying in a resort for a long period of time. In resorts, you are paying for services like the spa treatments and pool facilities, as well as concierge and room services that are offered. In Hua Hin apartments, you don't have these amenities, but at least you aren't paying for them. Depending on your purpose for being in Thailand, Hua Hin apartments can be a better and more private solution than many resorts as well. While some of the resorts have very private facilities, maids still have access to your rooms. In Hua Hin apartments, you are the only one who can come and go from your place. You also have more freedom to make Hua Hin apartments your own, adding personal flavor and décor to the design as long as you stay, something difficult to do in a hotel.

Hua Hin apartments are often better equipped with things like microwaves and other kitchen facilities, and while many of the newer or renovated hotel facilities in Thailand now offer private restrooms and air conditioning, these are easier to find in Hua Hin apartments. You can also find Hua Hin apartments in a variety of locations, while hotels and resorts are fairly limited, available along the beach or downtown. Hua Hin apartments are available in many of the surrounding fishing villages as well, giving you a greater opportunity to observe the local culture and live in solitude. The decision to stay in Hua Hin apartments is appropriate for many reasons, and you'll probably greatly enjoy everything this decision offers.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008