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Hua Hin Overview | Planning your Hua Hin holiday

If you've never been to Thailand and are planning to visit a resort area, you'll want to take advantage of all the Hua Hin travel tips you can find. While there is general information that travelers to all parts of the world should have, Hua Hin travel tips come in especially handy for those coming from the Western world.

Hua Hin travel tips help Westerners get around in a country with a culture that is unfamiliar and with a people that speaks a completely unfamiliar language. Researching to find Hua Hin travel tips is an important aspect of planning your trip so that you don't get lost, can honor the Thai people and culture, and feel comfortable in this foreign environment.

One of the most important Hua Hin travel tips to follow is to attempt to be as hospitable as the local residents are. The Thai culture is one of the most accepting and inviting people in the world and welcomes visitors with open arms, so Hua Hin travel tips include returning such warm greetings. Also, you should take into account some of the customs of the country so that you don't offend the Thai people. For example, Hua Hin travel tips include being gracious in accepting any gifts, since it is offensive to turn down a gift or return it. At the same time, never order food that you are unsure of; all Hua Hin travel tips remind visitors that it is extremely offensive to the people of Thailand to not eat your food or to spit it out.

When in town or at a nearby resort, there is very little reason to get a rental car because almost everything is within a few kilometers. For this reason, Hua Hin travel tips suggest that, instead, you rent a bicycle to get around if you don't like to walk or want to visit anything just a little to far to hike to. At the same time, Hua Hin travel tips also recommend budgeting enough money to rent a car for a day or two or to take a train to further destinations, like the capital city of Bangkok, about 3 hours away. Don't forget to plan your trip to a degree; going to new places like this requires knowing what you want to do ahead of time, and Hua Hin travel tips suggest that, since you don't necessarily have a command of the local language, it can be difficult to get suggestions and directions for things to do.

That brings up even more important Hua Hin travel tips, this time regarding budget. Hua Hin travel tips will always remind you to budget your trip, including plenty of finances for anything you decide to do on the spur of the moment when you arrive. There will be opportunities to enjoy sporting events, participate in water sports and other activities, and take advantage of spa treatments. At the same time, like many Hua Hin travel tips bring up, you'll find lots of expenses upon arrival that you didn't expect, so you should always have plenty of play room in that budget. In order to create the budget, you need to understand the Thai economy, the currency, and the exchange rate. Because this fluctuates, Hua Hin travel tips suggest you should keep track of this throughout the process of planning, keeping this in mind as you plan. If you follow these Hua Hin travel tips, you'll be in for an excellent first trip to Thailand.

Last Updated: 26 Dec 2007