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Finding Hua Hin Entertainment

Hua Hin Nightlife | Hua Hin nightlife fun

When the sun goes down in Hua Hin, the crowds come out to join Hua Hin entertainment. Throughout the city's shopping district, you will find numerous bars and clubs that have enough Hua Hin entertainment to pacify even the worst extrovert. Live bands permeate the interiors of the restaurants and bars while various shows are abundant in both Hua Hin and nearby Bangkok.

Hua Hin entertainment is diverse enough for both tourists and locals of all ages to enjoy. With dozens of bars and restaurants, there is never a lack of Hua Hin entertainment on any night of the week. Hua Hin entertainment consists of theatre shows, concerts, stage shows, comedy, movie theatres, and live shows of various types at several venues throughout the city.

Bars and Other Venues

For Hua Hin entertainment you will find many different venues and bars with live entertainment. If you're looking for Western style Hua Hin entertainment, the Hilton is the place to be. Besides great Hua Hin entertainment, it has the best beer selection in Hua Hin. You have to keep in mind there is a cover charge after 11 p.m. that amounts to approximately $3.82.

The Hilton is the place to for Hua Hin entertainment and has live music on most nights of the week. For a different kind of Hua Hin entertainment, it's not unusual on weekends to find girls in the bar after their shift ends along with trendy girls from Bangkok. The Hilton holds a monopoly on Western style clubs and venues that operate late at night as there are no other places of its type for Hua Hin entertainment.

For ethnic Hua Hin entertainment, you will find two main discos with a Thai flavor: Stepz and Star Planet. Both of these venues for Hua Hin entertainment have a cover charge after 11 p.m., which covers one drink. Weekend Hua Hin entertainment consists of live Thai bands.

Additional Hua Hin entertainment includes a disco in Hin Nam Sai Suay that is popular with the younger crowd and Samolen and Blue Station are popular for Thai rock and folk music. J-Gene is another source of Hua Hin entertainment with a western flavor to it.

Last Updated: 26 Dec 2007