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The Royal Museum of Thailand

Hua Hin Culture | Hua Hin museums and Thai cultural heritage

Hua Hin museums make a perfect stop and teach so much! Hua Hin is the oldest resort in Thailand and comes with a great deal of history behind in. Khao Wang is a former royal palace that sits on top of a mountain. With its beautiful gardens and stone paths, it makes for a pleasant walk. It was previously the summer home of King Rama IV but is not part of national Hua Hin museums. It consists of three buildings that were built on three adjoining hills and connected by brick pathways.

Though built in European style, it is reminiscent of Thai and Chinese architectures. Its days of use as a royal residence are long gone, but it is a piece of Thailand's history in which visitors can partake. This former palace shows visitors a part of Thailand they may not have learned from any other sources. It is loved by Hua Hin museums patrons.

For those wishing to enjoy something other than Hua Hin museums, consider this. While you're in Khao Wang, you can also visit the waterfall and the national park where you can still see live animals such as elephants, deer, and over 53 varieties of birds just to name a few. Hua Hin museums also includes a silk museum where you can actually watch the process of silk making. If you are not a lover of Hua Hin museums, you will still find a great deal of cultural history through Hua Hin while Thailand itself has hundreds of museums for those who wish to travel around.

In lue of Hua Hin museums, you will also find many different restaurants serving food from Thailand as well as other countries, shopping districts for those who enjoy the thought of bringing home a piece of the culture of Hua Hin, golf courses, beaches, and much more. In fact, the green fees in Hua Hin are among the lowest in the world. The hotels and restaurants will show you some of the culture of the land as you stroll along the streets. Hua Hin museums offer culture too.

Hua Hin museums are one stop in this city for you, but Hua Hin museums are not the only thing to enjoy. Unlike many other areas, Hua Hin doesn't cater just to the foreign visitors in spite of its reputation as a resort. Both Thais and visitors alike can enjoy the charm of this cultural attraction including its fishing port. It has a five mile long beach with a high density of golf courses, yet it has not been discovered as an international golf destination as yet. Whatever you want to do on your vacation, fun or culture, you will find it in Hua Hin. Hua Hin museums offer excitement and culture.

Last Updated: 26 Dec 2007