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When you are planning a trip to Thailand, a big question you may have is when to come to this awesome tropical setting. There are a lot of factors that can affect when you take your vacation. One of these factors is the fun Hua Hin festivals that happen annual in the village resort town. A good way to figure out when to come is to find the festivals that you most want to see. The following is a list of Hua Hin festivals that you may find really interesting and fun.

Jazz Hua Hin Festival

Every year, Heineken holds a jazz festival in Hua Hin, Thailand. In fact, this is one of the most popular Hua Hin festivals of the entire year. Both the Sofitel Central Resort and the Hilton Resort and Spa Hotel hold jazz concerts on their beaches. There is great music, and even better food. There are even games that the whole family can participate in. When the Jazz Festival begins, the whole town is brewing with music and excitement. To be a part of one of these Hua Hin festivals, be sure to come during the beginning of June.

Kite Hua Hin Festival

Another great entry into the local Hua Hin festivals is the Hua Hin International Kite Festival. Kite enthusiasts come from all over the world to fly their creations in the clear blue skies over Hua Hin. The main attraction is actually the Thai made kites, which are beautifully crafted. Not only is this one of the great Hua Hin festivals for kite fliers, but it is also great for spectators as well. The sky fills up with colorful dragons and butterflies; a sight that cannot be missed. Come in March to witness this event.

Other Hua Hin Festivals

There are a lot more Hua Hin festivals that you can choose from while on your trip. You could check out the vintage car rally, the Chinese New Year celebration, or the Hua Hin International Golf Festival. There are so many Hua Hin festivals that you are likely to have a really great time to matter when you go there.

Consider when you will be visiting and find out which of the Hua Hin festivals will be available to you. Chances are good that you will find many exciting and interesting Hua Hin festivals to enjoy throughout the year. This is often what makes the culture what it is. The right Hua Hin festivals provide so much to the tourist.

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008