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Hua Hin Culture | The History of Hua Hin

How much do you know about the history of Hua Hin? Most people choose to travel based on local culture, heritage, and history, meaning that the history of Hua Hin should be important to you before ever planning your trip. What is there to know about the history of Hua Hin? For starters, you should take interest in the origin and development of the town.

What you see today when you get there all comes from the history of Hua Hin. You should also consider the history of Hua Hin to include the traditions, the people who live there, and the political history. Take a look at the brief history of Hua Hin so that you are more in tune with the resort before you get on the plane.

The history of Hua Hin involves a long time status as just a small fishing village, much like the villages you can still find around the town. The local culture still represents the history of Hua Hin, with fishing still being a part of the economy in the once small town. However, today, it relies more on tourism to feed its bustling economy. How did the history of Hua Hin develop to reach this point? The history of Hua Hin as a resort area begins with the building of the royal vacation home in the area nearly a century ago, making the area highly desired for visitors to Thailand from that point forward. However, the history of Hua Hin doesn't stop there; before it was a full-fledged resort, it became a haven for golfers.

The history of Hua Hin involves the building of a number of golf courses that adhere to international standards, drawing golfers from around the world. Eventually, the area became a place where golfers could bring their spouses and families, and the tourist resort district began to appear. Hotels and resorts went up everywhere, and people began to take notice. Today, it is one of the top resort areas in the world. Knowing about the history of Hua Hin will help you understand the current culture in the area and be more comfortable in the heritage you'll experience.

Last Updated: 26 Dec 2007