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Hua Hin is a resort city, and as such it relies a great deal on tourists for income. The abundance of beaches in this tropical city creates a great deal of the Hua Hin tourism trade. People come from around the world and add to Hua Hin's tourism trade, and add to the number of tourists that visit each year. Having a heavy tourist trade is important to places that have the number of resorts that are typical of countries like Thailand.

Tourism and the Economy

People come to Hua Hin from other places because of the beautiful beaches, and this adds to the Hua Hin tourism income. After all, as tourists visit, they spend their money on a variety of things while they are there. During the height of the tourist season, you will see an increase in sales of alcohol, restaurant profits, sightseeing tours and related expenses, fees for golf courses, rental cars and much more. Hua Hin tourism helps it stay solvent as it does for any resort.

Restaurant Profits

Part of the income from Hua Hin tourism comes from restaurant profits. Though it may not affect the economy directly in terms of government spending and income, the potential taxes going into the pot creates a sense of well-being for the economy. Hua Hin tourism creates the extra traffic that eats in the restaurants, some of which is families with their children.


Hua Hin tourism causes an enormous increase in profits for retailers. Tourists love shopping, especially women, children, and teenagers. With the extra money going into the pockets of local shopkeepers, the economy in Hua Hin stays on the right side of the accounting equation. With Hua Hin tourism, when tourists send money, it puts cash back into the economy of Hua Hin and Thailand.

Hua Hin tourism also helps retailers make a good profit because of the extra buying power of all of the extra people at any given time. Even though one visitor may only increase profitability because of Hua Hin tourism for a week or two, the continual traffic into the country because of the Hua Hin tourism trade makes an overall difference in the amount of disposable income that flows back into the economy during the course of a month or year.

Bars, Pubs, and Venues

Hua Hin tourism puts a good amount of money back into the economy due to visitors who take advantages of the many pubs and venues with entertainment and drinks. Each tourist who enters Hua Hin has an effect on the Hua Hin tourism trade and the economy in general.

Effects of Tourism

Hua Hin tourism makes a big difference when it comes to how much business the bars, pubs, and venues realize. Without Hua Hin tourism there would be less money going into Hua Hin's economy and thus it would be a much poorer city. With Hua Hin tourism, the shopkeepers, bar owners, and other business people are able to make enough profit to put money back into the economy in the form of taxes on their profits for the business as well as personal taxes.

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008