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If you are one of those people who want to know everything about an area before planning a holiday, you'll want to study the Hua Hin economy prior to actually taking a trip to Thailand's top resort area. The Hua Hin economy revolves around several aspects of the area's natural appeal - fishing, tourist attraction, the restaurant business, and local arts and crafts. In fact, the Hua Hin economy, while once completely dependent upon fishing, is almost entirely supported by the tourist industry now, making the Hua Hin economy thrive at a higher level than most areas of the country.

As a former tiny fishing village like many of the surrounding areas, the Hua Hin economy used to rest entirely on the fishing industry. However, today, there has been a large shift, though the Hua Hin economy is still supported in many ways by fishing, due to the need for the amazing seafood in the hundreds of area restaurants that serve up fresh fish and seafood daily. In fact, a large part of the current Hua Hin economy rests on the restaurant business because many domestic and international visitors are very aware of the reputation of the area for excellent food. Therefore, the fishing and restaurant industries work together in the Hua Hin economy. On top of that, neither of these industries would be extremely profitable without the tourist industry flooding the Hua Hin economy.

The resort area is a huge draw for tourists, travelers, and even business folks who are holding international meetings. The Hua Hin economy is in the hands of these consumers, who frequent the restaurants and fund the shopping, resort, and service industries. Even more important to the Hua Hin economy is the money these individuals spend on local shops, souvenirs, and traditional Thai arts and handicrafts, which are offered mainly through the night market, which is set up every evening after dusk. This sort of business is essential to drawing in visitors who will fund the major part of the Hua Hin economy, which was slow for a long time prior to the onslaught of tourist activity. Today, though, the Hua Hin economy is dependent upon the tourist industry more than anything.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2008