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Hua Hin palaces: Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace

Hua Hin Attractions | Exploring the Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace

When visiting such a culturally great area like Hua Hin, Thailand, there are an amazing amount of things that you can do while you're there. While on some trips around the world, it can be hard to fill up your daily itinerary. That's not the case when it comes to the great things you can do in Hua Hin. For example, people love to visit the many palaces in this area.

There are so many Thai palaces in Hua Hin because the royalty of this country realized how great the tropical area is. That's why Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace was built. If you want to visit a luxurious royal palace, then definitely consider a tour through the Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace. You'll see great architecture and design as well as a perfect example of the culture in Thailand.

The History of the Phraram Ratchaniwet

As you visit the Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace, you may wonder how this palace came to be. While you could learn that from a tour guide as you go along, it may be a better idea to learn it ahead of time. Basically, King Rama V commissioned the Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace to be made because he wanted a beautiful place to spend the rainy season. Typically, the rainy season is a very beautiful time of year in this tropical setting and this palace showcases this fact very well.

What to do at the Phraram Ratchaniwet

When you visit the Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace, you definitely have a lot to do. Your main plan should be to tour both the inside of the palace as well as the grounds. This way, you can get an adequate depiction of what it is like for royalty living and ruling in Thailand. The palace was finished in 1916 and is representative of the European architectural designs that were very popular at the time. It has large columns that you will definitely want to get a picture of when you visit Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace.

Location of the Phraram Ratchaniwet

It is easy to get to the Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace by car when leaving from the center of Hua Hin. Your driver will know where to go. Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace is a well known location in the city. It is just a short ride from the center of town and will be easily found if you have your own car rental. Do invest the time in finding Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace so that you get a chance to see this majestic location. With the history and culture represented here, there is something amazing for just about everyone. Phraram Ratchaniwet Palace is an exciting stop!

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008