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Nearby attractions: Phetchaburi

Hua Hin Attractions | The Historic Town of Phetchaburi

There are certain aspects of Hua Hin that sometimes go unnoticed to the vast majority of tourists who come through the tropical resort town. A great tour that is often over looked is the tour through Phetchaburi. Phetchaburi is a historic town near Hua Hin that has a lot of charm and beauty. It has many great spots that you can visit and enjoy. Do not forget to bring your camera so that you can experience this great area long after you go back home from your vacation.

The History of Phetchaburi

The town of Phetchaburi has a strong connection to the former capitol of Thailand, Ayuthaya. Much of the temples and other historic spots how this fact. There is a bit of a different culture for Phetchaburi that you will notice when you first get there. it is quite a bit different than what you'll find in Hua Hin. The cool thing about Phetchaburi is that it is still a functioning historic town, as opposed to some towns that seem more like a ghost town than anything else.

Tours through Phetchaburi

To get the full experience of the historic town of Phetchaburi, there are several tours that you can take. these tours will show you the most important spots in the area and will explain their meaning. You will visit several of the temples and will have a lot of photo opportunities. Although you can go to Phetchaburi without a tour, it's better to do it this way because you will be led to all of the best places.

What to Expect in Phetchaburi

The main thing you should get out of your visit to Phetchaburi is an understanding of the culture there. You will see what it was like for the natives to prey at their Buddhist temples. You will also get to experience the wonderful architecture and decorations that fill the town with its special Thai charm.

When you go to Hua Hin, Thailand, you should definitely consider visiting the nearby historic town of Phetchaburi. The people who do this are always thankful that they did because it is definitely an experience worth remembering.

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008