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Huay Yang Waterfall

Hua Hin Attractions | Enjoy The Breathtaking Huay Yang Waterfall On Your Vacation

When you want an amazing and unforgettable experience you need to visit the Huay Yang waterfall. The Huay Yang waterfall is located in the Huay Yang waterfall national park which is 161 square kilometers. This national park covers the areas of Bang Sapan, Thab Sakae and Prachuap Kiri Khan Districts of the Prachuap Kiri Khan province. The Huay Yang waterfall became the 70th national park of Thailand on December 8, 1991.

What You Will See

When you visit the Huay Yang waterfall you will see important trees to Thailand such as, Hopea, odorata, Terminalia, just to name a few. You will also find all kinds of wildlife at the Huay Yang waterfall such as, langur, gibbon, wild pig, leopard and barking deer. These are just a few of the amazing wildlife that you will find in the Huay Yang waterfall.

Where You Will Find It

The Huay Yang waterfall is located close to Myanmar - the Thai border. From the peak of the Huay Yang waterfall you can see the Gulf of Thailand. You will remember this breathtaking experience for life and be talking about it forever.

You can take a tour to the Huay Yang waterfall if you prefer that or you can go there with just your family, the choice is yours. You will be able to walk along the Huay Yang waterfall and enjoy the peacefulness of it all. Then if you want to you can take a refreshing swim in the cool waters of the Huay Yang waterfall. You want to make sure that you pack your sunscreen, swim suit, towels, comfy shoes and camera before your visit to the Huay Yang waterfall.

Beautiful and Unmatched

You will find yourself breathless because of the beauty of it all and want to capture it on film to show your friends and relatives. They won't believe how exotic it all is unless they see pictures of the Huay Yang waterfall themselves. So don't forget your camera. You will regret it if you do.

After you visit the waterfall and enjoy the peace of it or after you take a cooling swim, you can find wonderful restaurants where you can experience wonderful and tasty Thai food. You will have to drive to the village of Prachuab Khiri Khan that is located near the Huay Yang waterfall to find the restaurants but it is well worth the drive. There are so many magnificent foods that you can start your tastes buds dancing with. So don't forget to try them because you will definitely be hungry after your relaxing day spent at the Huay Yang waterfall.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008