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Near Bangkok yet close to Hua Hin you will see the silhouettes of Roi Yot National Park, one of the most popular Hua Hin parks. The jagged peaks of this Hua Hin park is only an hour away from the popular and beautiful Royal Resort. It has more day visitors than any other time, with the major attraction being the Praya Nakorn cave, which impresses visitors as they admire the decorative shrine that makes the cave such an attraction to visitors of one of the most popular of Hua Hin's parks. In order to reach the cave, you must embark on a twenty-minute boat trip followed by a climb up a steep cliff.

Kaeng Kracharn National Park is partially within the province of Prachuap yet can be reached easily from Hua Hin. Still close enough to be regarded as one of Hua Hin's parks, Kaeng Kracharn National Park boasts of cabins by the lake and houseboats. The park is along the border of Myanmar with its dense jungle. You can take the only road in this Hua Hin park to embark on a two to three hour hike in the forest where you will come to an eighteen tier waterfall. For those who don't want to hike, you will find boat tours available with an escort or sightseeing tours along the many rivers that are inside of the confines of this Hua Hin park.

Hua Hin parks abound through the areas of Hua Hin and Bangkok including those of less importance. When visiting the city, visitors develop interest in Hua Hin's parks and other historic features. These are two of Hua Hin's parks visitors frequent, but you will find surrounding attractions captivating as well.


Other attractions lie within close proximity to Hua Hin parks, and you will find government-owned cabins that are available if you book them ahead of time. These cabins put you to close to the many scenic beaches that are within a short distance of Hua Hin parks. The cabins, for example, are close to Hua Hin parks, yet far enough for the heart of the city to be inexpensive at approximately $19 per night. Dolphin Bay Resort is near the entrance to this Hua Hin park, and though more expensive than the cabins, it is still a fairly reasonable accommodation at approximately USD 31 per night.

You will also find larger hotel chains like the Hilton and Royal Gardens, but the refurbished Railway Hotel is a real attraction. It has been restored to depict its historical past and compares to Raffles in Singapore and Le Royal in Phnom Penh.

Accommodations within easy reach of Hua Hin's parks are available as well as major chain hotels. If you stay in one of the remote areas that are still close to Hua Hin parks, you find they are quainter and less expensive than the larger hotels. These book faster than other hotels, so before you travel to Hua Hin parks, make reservations for your hotel stay.

Last Updated: 26 Dec 2007