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Hua Hin Attractions | Spectacular Hua Hin Beaches

The main drawing point to this vacation destination for most tourists is the beaches. Hua Hin beaches are great because they are perfect for all manner of water activities. You can surf, snorkel, SCUBA dive, or even go horseback riding along the coastline. How you enjoy the Hua Hin beaches is completely up to you. Just remember to have fun. It is easy to appreciate the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand and the white sands of the coast of Hua Hin.

The Best Hua Hin Beach

Some of the Hua Hin beaches are private. Generally, these are reserved for some of the more high class hotels that litter this tropical resort town. Still, there are areas of the beach that anyone can go to. Hua Hin beach is the biggest beach in the area. In fact, it is over four miles long. In these four miles, there are all sorts of activities that you can do both as an individual and as a family. There are rentable deck chairs and umbrellas for people who want to relax in this sunny spot. Another of the great Hua Hin beaches is the Suan Son beach. This is a bit smaller than the other, but just as beautiful. This is a better beach because there are a lot less tourists than on the main beach, which means you will have a lot more privacy and space to yourself.

Hotels with Access to Hua Hin Beach

Another way to find Hua Hin beaches is to stay at a hotel that has beach access. There are several of these that even have their own private section of the beach that is purely reserved for their own guests. This is the case with the Hilton Resort and Spa Hotel. They have one of the best Hua Hin beaches as well as a lot of water activities and amenities. Another great hotel is the Sofitel Central Resort. Their Hua Hin beaches are famous for the great views of the Gulf of Thailand. You will not regret staying in these luxurious hotels when you see what fund you can have on their Hua Hin beaches.

For those that love the beach, Hua Hin beaches offer something amazing for everyone. In many cases, Hua Hin beaches are why people travel to this city. It is known throughout the world as a leading location for beach relaxation of the very best kind. Consider just how much you will love Hua Hin beaches when you visit!

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008