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Hua Hin Elephant Village

Hua Hin Attractions | Visiting the Hua Hin Elephant Village

As you may have already learned from your research on Thailand, elephants are a really big part of the Thai culture. After all, before more current modes of transportation made their way to Thailand, people used elephants for carrying them and for hauling goods. Now that the culture has changed and modernized, elephants are now used for entertaining the many foreign guests that Thailand sees every day.

If you are planning a vacation to this great tropical destination, then you should consider visiting the Hua Hin elephant village. The Hua Hin elephant village is a very popular place for people to go. It is especially good for families with smaller children because they get to meet and learn about this amazing animal.

Where to Find the Elephant Village

The Hua Hin elephant village is located several kilometers from the central point of Hua Hin. You can get there any number of ways. For example, if you are renting a moped, it is not a long drive to get there. You can also take a taxi cab. In fact, some hotels even have shuttles that will take you right there. They will coordinate your trip for you and provide the transportation at no extra charge. You should make sure your hotel has this benefit before finding other methods to get to the Hua Hin elephant village.

What to do at the Elephant Village

Now that you have found your way to the Hua Hin elephant village, you have a lot of things to do. The first thing you'll encounter is the elephants. There are more than one dozen of these gentle and large creatures at the Hua Hin elephant village that you can meet. You can even buy food to feed the elephants with at the Hua Hin elephant village. This is a great activity for your children if they are up to being so close to such a large animal.

The next thing you can do at the Hua Hin elephant village is go on an elephant ride. The guides will bring you and your elephant to a nearby village where you can see more of the Thai village culture. For those that are planning a trip here, be sure that the Hua Hin elephant village is a stop you plan for. This popular location is one you will love, as will any member of the family. The Hua Hin elephant village is a cultural experience not to be missed.

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008