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Hua Hin golf: Lakeview Golf Course

Hua Hin Activities | The Lakeview Golf Course Is A Must For Any Golfer

The Lakeview golf course is also known as Imperial Lakeview golf course. The Lakeview golf course is located 25 minutes from Hua Hin hotels and is one of the more popular golf courses because of the quality of the course. The Lakeview golf course is a championship course that golfers everywhere love to play a game of golf on. When you play golf and you are visiting Hua Hin then this is a course that you don't want to miss.

What It Is Known For

The Lakeview golf course is known as a challenging course and you will find that you will have to make snap decisions at the opening hole because there are dangers ahead that you will come across. Lakeview golf course has hidden greens, full grown palm trees, and well defined fairways that any golf lover will have fun playing on.

What You Will Experience Here

The Lakeview golf course will definitely be a challenge for your golfing skills. You will have to use everything you know about golfing to make it through the Lakeview golf course. So unless you are feeling adventurous you might want to pass up this golf course until you are feeling like you can handle everything that the Lakeview golf course will throw your way.

Lakeview golf course is 6,915 yards form the back trees and has a par of 72. This golf course is the best course for experienced golfers but it will also offer a challenge to the beginner golfer. The designer of the Lakeview golf course is Roger Packard. This golf course was opened in 1993 and is one of the newer golf courses in Thailand.

For anyone that loves to golf, you don't want to pass up the chance to play on the Lakeview golf course because if you do you will regret it. This is a challenging golf course that will offer you an adventurous game of golf that you won't be able to find on other courses. So when you are in Thailand, make sure that you take the time to visit the Lakeview golf course and play an exciting game of golf with your friends and family. It will be a golf game that you won't ever forget.

Last Updated: 27 Feb 2008