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Kayaking Khao Daeng

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Many people love to have an adventurous time when they go on vacation. Sure, you could go to the local restaurants or visit an authentic market, but that can be rather bland for the adventurous type. Instead, when you are on a trip to Hua Hin, Thailand, you might do well to take a Kayaking Khao Daeng tour. This is a tour that is held almost every day and is perfect for those of you who like sports and exercise. It is also important that you like nature and want to view it on your own terms. If all of this applies to you, than the Kayaking Khao Daeng tour could be a great experience. If instead you would rather check out the night life of Hua Hin, maybe you should forgo this kind of excitement as it doesn't seem like its right for you.

What to Expect From Kayaking

When you go on your Kayaking Khao Daeng tour, there are certain things that will definitely happen. For starters, you will visit an authentic Thai village that is unspoiled by modern conventions. You will then visit some ancient caves and caverns that have been there for thousands of years. Finally, you spend the day Kayaking Khao Daeng. This is a full day of activities, so make sure that you leave yourself enough time for something like this.

Prices for Kayaking

The prices of this trip depend on how many people will be in your group. You will need a minimum of two people. At that amount the price is 2,800 baht, or 88 American dollars. If you have four or more people, than the price goes down to 2100 baht per person, or 66 American dollars. Not only do you get the Kayaking Khao Daeng experience with this price, but you get other things as well. Since it is a day trip, they will provide you with a nice scrumptious lunch. They also provide transport and an English speaking guide for your trip Kayaking Khao Daeng. This is a great and reasonable price for something as adventurous as Kayaking Khao Daeng is.

You should consider the benefits of kayaking Khao Daeng! Throughout the country, there are few experience that are as much fun as kayaking Khao Daeng. Make sure that you and the family have the opportunity to enjoy kayaking Khao Daeng when you visit!

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008