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Hua Hin Go-Karting

Hua Hin Activities | Fun with Hua Hin Karting

Hua Hin karting is one of the most popular recreational pastimes in this tropical resort town. People come from neighboring villages just to get a taste of this fun activity. But, some people don't know what Hua Hin karting is. Once they find out though, they end up being so excited to do it themselves that they simply cannot wait.

What is Karting?

Hua Hin karting is essential go kart racing. Go karts are these small vehicles that can be driven by just one person. They are often used on a closed circuit track in a specified area. The most fun thing about Hua Hin karting is the racing aspect of the sport. Several karts are allowed on the track at once and then you can drive around the track hoping to come out ahead. This kind of recreation is perfect for families because it has something that everyone will enjoy. It also has a bit of the western appeal that tourists tend to miss while they're in foreign countries.

Where to Go Karting

The main place to go karting is the JWS Motorsport Go Kart Track. The Hua Hin karting track at this venue is about 750 meters long and has great curves and long straight-aways. The whole family will have a ball as they maneuver this tricky track. Not only do they have the carting track, but they also have drinks and food for guests as well. That means that you could spend your whole day at the JWS Motorsport Go Kart Track. All you need to pay is 400 Thai baht for one 12 minute ride. That equals to about 13 American dollars. Since Hua Hin karting is so popular, make sure to come early so that you're sure to get lots of driving time in.

What to Expect From Karting

When you go karting, be aware that this kind of recreation can be dangerous. If you are unsure of how to work the karts, talk to one of the employees of the track. They will be more than happy to teach you how to go Hua Hin karting. This is a fun and exciting experience for just about anyone. Through it can be dangerous for younger individuals, Hua Hin karting is an amazing event not to be missed by those that visit. If you are visiting, go Hua Hin karting.

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008