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Hua Hin Activities | The Sport of Hua Hin Elephant Polo

Have you heard of polo before? Kit is a team sport that is played in a field and on horses' backs. Well, Hua Hin elephant polo is very similar. Instead of playing the sport on the back of a horse, they play on the back of an elephant. Not only does this raise the difficulty of the sport, but it also raises the spectator value as well. More people will be willing to watch if it involves something as special and precarious as large elephants.

Tourists from all over the world come to Thailand specifically to see the Hua Hin elephant polo. It is a big event that even the locals enjoy. If you are planning on coming out to this resort town, then you should consider going to see Hua Hin elephant polo while you're there. You likely will not regret that you did.

Where to See Elephant Polo

Firstly, in order to see the Hua Hin elephant polo tournament, you need to come to Hua Hin in September. This is when the championship is held and when you have the highest chance of seeing some great elephant polo action. Most of the spectacle involved with this event is not because of the sport but because of the elephants instead. People are fascinated by the natural ability and trick power that the elephants of Hua Hin elephant polo can perform. Much of the tournament day is spent interacting with the elephants and watching them do numerous tricks for the guests of the competition.

The Hua Hin elephant polo tournament is usually held Somdet Phra Suriyothai grounds. This is a great place to watch the event and the action that surrounds it. For example, right before a Hua Hin elephant polo match, the players and their elephants parade around the grounds for all to see. These particular grounds are great because they give a great view for all the spectators.

If you want to experience a new and interesting kind of sport, then you should definitely consider seeing the Hua Hin elephant polo tournament while on vacation there. You will have fun and have a great time watching the sport. Hua Hin elephant polo is such a cultural event, you need to spend some time enjoying it when you visit next. Consider what makes Hua Hin elephant polo so great by making this one of the places you visit!

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008