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You may have a personal idea of what boxing is. This is usually a representation of the kind of boxing you see in western cultures. Boxers like Mohammed Ali and George Foreman are at the top of the list when it comes to famous boxers. Did you know that there are other kinds of boxing besides this?

In Thailand, the boxing is called Hua Hin Thai boxing. Another name for this fighting style is Muay Thai. It is similar to the western style of boxing, but with a few exceptions. Hua Hin Thai boxing uses much more than the fists. Often, the elbows used as weapons a lot more than the hands. They also use their forearms to hurt their opponents in Hua Hin Thai boxing. Since this is a different way to fight than what American's are usually used to, this is often a really popular event in Thailand. Tourists love to watch the Hua Hin Thai boxing style as it is something they are definitely not used to.

Thai Boxing Matches Around Town

If you are on your vacation and want to experience some authentic Hua Hin Thai boxing, then you are in luck. There are two different arenas that you can watch this fighting style. At the Grand Sports Arena, fights are held every night starting at 9 PM. You can watch the fight happening right in front of you. This goes on for several hours so you get to see a lot of the action involved in Hua Hin Thai boxing. Tickets usually cost 350 Thai baht or about 11 American dollars.

Then there is the Hua Hin Thai Boxing Garden. The rules are very similar here. You can see matches every night starting and nine o'clock. Tickets are cheaper here though. They are 250 baht or about 8 American dollars depending on the current currency conversion.

Remember that what you are seeing when you watch Hua Hin Thai boxing is a part of their culture. This full body fighting style is key to their history and something that they truly cherish. Make sure to respect the sport and how they handle it.

Hua Hin Thai boxing is a cultural experience and one that should be experienced by anyone that is visiting the country. The boxing is a form of art that is well loved throughout the location by both locals and tourists. Hua Hin Thai boxing opens doors into a world unique to most.

Last Updated: 06 Feb 2008