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A lot of travelers look to the many Hua Hin hotels and resorts for a luxurious stay. No matter how much money you're willing to spend, you'll find yourself amidst the sunny quarters and terrific amenities that make Hua Hin hotels worth writing home about. Hua Hin hotels offer plenty of options for every visitor. Consider Hua Hin hotels here.

City Beach Resort Hua Hin

City Beach Resort Hua Hin


High Class Hua Hin Hotels

For those with expensive tastes, there are many Hua Hin hotels that match the lifestyle. The Hilton Hua Hin Resort and Spa commands the popularity of anyone who visits it, with locals and tourists referring to this hotel as the Palace on the Beach. It is one of the more popular Hua Hin Hotels. The plentiful amount of amenities means there will always be something to experience and enjoy. Their world class spa features massage, sauna, and a health and fitness center. Rooms and suites start as low as $4,400 per night.

The Sofitel Central Hua Hin Resort is one of the Hua Hin hotels that rival the Hilton. The large beach presents a great atmosphere for guests who love the tropical setting. If golf is your main obsession, they're also within twenty minutes of six world class golf courses. They even offer two putting greens right on the premises. You can experience these majestic accommodations for as low as $7,000 per night.

Medium Budget Hua Hin Hotels

If you would rather save your budget for the great experience you can have in town, there are Hua Hin hotels that can save you money. The City Beach Resort is the prime example of luxury accommodations for a lower price. Their karaoke bar will bring fun and wonder to any guest that experiences it. This hotel is a bargain at $1,500 per night. Not all Hua Hin hotels are this affordable for this level of quality.

The City Beach Hotel isn't the only one of the Hua Hin hotels that offers great medium-priced rooms. For high class style with a discriminating budget, the Peony Hotel exudes beauty. After a day spent in their swimming pool and open garden, you'll love their authentic Thai massage. You'll also love the price at $1,750 per night.

Low Cost Hua Hin Hotels

Going on a tropical vacation isn't just for the rich anymore, and there are plenty of Hua Hin hotels that show this. You can receive the luxurious benefits of travel at a low price at the Hua Hin Anantara Resort. Their sauna and massage will help you unwind while in the tropical lap of luxury. Sports are a great way to spend your day, and this hotel has a lot to offer. Their squash, tennis, and volleyball courts will leave you breathless. Experience this great hotel at only $210 per night.

Another of the great low priced Hua Hin hotels is the Chiva-Som Resort, which is best known for their pools. They have several different ones to choose from including the outdoor pool, hydro pools, watsu pool, and plunge pools. You can enjoy the medical services and holistic treatments of this hotel for as little as $500 per night.

It's easy to find Hua Hin hotels for any budget.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012