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Hua Hin Accommodation | Finding Cheap Hua Hin Guesthouses

Think cheap Hua Hin guesthouses. When planning a great vacation, there are a lot of options when it comes to places to stay. Most people will go with the many hotels that speckle the coast of Hua Hin. While this is more than acceptable, it can often be inconvenient and expensive if you plan to stay for longer than most people would.

Beach Garden Cha-am

Beach Garden Cha-am


Cheap Hua Hin guesthouses are perfect for people who plan to stay in this tropical setting for more than one week. It will save a lot of money. Cheap Hua Hin guesthouses are also great when you are vacationing with a large group. Families with find that they fit much better in guesthouses than in a line of hotel rooms.

Right Time of Year for a Cheap Hua Hin Guesthouse

Even the cheap Hua Hin guesthouses go up in price during certain times of year. If you want to go on vacation during peak times, then the prices will be a lot higher. It will also be harder to book these cheap Hua Hin guesthouses since most people take their trips during these times. If you can help it, avoid taking your trip during the designated Christmas holidays or what America typically calls Spring Break. Going on the off season means that prices will be cheaper and you'll have an easier time finding the luxurious cheap Hua Hin guesthouses that you're looking for.

Location of a Cheap Hua Hin Guesthouse

One of the factors that decide how cheap a guesthouse will be is the location. The farther from the beach, the cheaper your accommodations will be. If you can stand to be away from the white sands and crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand, then you would be fine with such cheap Hua Hin guesthouses. Still, ones located near the beach are not that much more expensive. It may be worth it to put in a little extra money for this kind of luxury.

It is definitely possible to stay at cheap Hua Hin guesthouses that are also very nice and enchanting. This is a much better option if you plan to stay longer than one week and also have a big group traveling with you. Cheap Hua Hin guesthouses are perfect accommodations.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012